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Native Prairie Demonstration Garden - The Beginning

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

A new addition is in the works, a Native Prairie Demonstration Garden! It will be an educational area near the butterfly garden on Anahuac Refuge. The purpose is to demonstrate how beautiful and diverse native prairie plants are and to educate visitors about the importance of saving our native prairies. Following are photos of our progress.

Check out our progress!!

All vegetation was removed to make room for native grasses and forbs (flowering native prairie plants)

Soil was tilled.

Seeds were broadcast on the prepared soil, some were purchased and some were collected by volunteers, David and Jan Hanson

By March 13, 2023, our Demonstration Prairie was READY for planting….

On March 16, 2023, the forecast was for rain that evening and the next day so an impromtu work day was called. Several energetic volunteers came out to help plant well over 100 potted plants.

As hoped, we had glorious rain that evening and the next day. Sometimes things just work out perfectly!!

Watch for updates Progress on the Prairie!!


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